by Lukas Meisner

Why are we feeling like shit? Why does it hurt so much to be on this planet? Why do we need to justify our very existence? Why is everything a struggle for survival? Why do we have to work, to adjust, to prove that we are worthy not to be killed immediately? Why are we not allowed to be ourselves?

These were rhetorical questions. We all know the answers. It's due to capitalism, capitalism, capitalism.

But then, why do we reproduce it day in and day out? Why don't we stop ourselves in causing us harm?

Questions are screams for help, to end the agony, to start living.

But then, we've got the answers. And sitll, we continue acting as if we hadn't. This is because life has become a parcours through the structures of the system. And it is already hard not to lose oneself in this maze, which is a race. The world has become a laboratory, and we are the rats therein.

Let's end this experiment. Please. Now.